Leasing your land is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

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    Tell us about your  land and which deal works best for you. It takes five minutes and there’s no cost to you or commitment needed.

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    From our network of investors we will find suitable investors interested to develop your land and we will introduce you.

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    You can compare the offers you receive and are free to choose the offer that suits you and still no cost to you.

  • leaseyourland.co.uk procures up to two rental offers free of charge, simply and independently, for farmers and landowners wishing to lease their land.


    We work with a network of more than 120 experienced and competent investors and developers searching for new sites to develop-, install and operate solar farms.

  • How much income can I actually earn?

    This is the only "solar rental index" in the UK, providing accurate information about solar lease terms and conditions.

    Project One Wiltshire

    West Midlands

    Lease: £900/acre

    Project size: 155 acres

    Installed capacity: 58 MW

    Duration: 30 + 10 yrs

    Revenue: 4,5 %

    Dach vermieten

    South East

    Lease: £1.000/acre

    Project size: 50 acres

    Installed capacity: 19 MW

    Duration: 40 yrs

    Revenue: 5,0%

    Dachflächen verpachten

    North East

    Lease: £1.000/acre

    Project size: 130 acres

    Installed capacity: 51MW

    Duration: 30 + 10 yrs

    Revenue: 5,0%

    Dach verpachten

    South West

    Lease: £800/acre

    Project size: 60 acres

    Installed capacity: 17 MW

    Duration: 30 + 10 yrs

    Revenue: 5,0%

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    South Wales

    Lease: £750/acre

    Project size: 115 acres

    Installed capacity: 43 MW

    Duration: 40 yrs

    Revenue: 5,0%

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    South England

    Lease: £750/acre

    Project size: 115 acres

    Installed capacity: 48 MW

    Duration: 40 yrs

    Revenue: 5,0%

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    South East

    Lease: £1.150/acre

    Project size: 150 acres

    Installed capacity: 65 MW

    Duration: 30 + 10 yrs

    Revenue: 5,5%

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    and your land?

    Would you like an annual lease payment?


    Would you like a blend of an upfront payment and a lower lease rate ?


    Secure a long-term, predictable and dependable income for the next 30+ years

    Generate a significant new income, index-linked with no risk to you.
    A diversified income that requires minimal input from you, allowing you to focus on what you do best.
    Take an active role in the renewable energy revolution and enjoy a sustainable rental income for the next 30+ years.
    The stable rental income from a solar farm is favourably viewed by banks and lenders- and can help you to borrow as you build your business.

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  • No risk and no cost to you- just upside

    The solar park is planned, developed, installed and maintained at absolutely no cost to the landowner- even your legal fees are covered, the only investment you need to make is time. And at the end of the solar farm's life, your tenant's responsibility is to remove all the solar farm equipment and return the land to agriculture.

    Continue farming the land

    In many cases, the best way to manage the land beneath the solar farm is to graze it with sheep. Subject to the investor you choose to work with, you could retain the right to graze the land and keep farming and benefit from a double income.

    Create room for biodiversity

    Likewise, there are great opportunities to boost biodiversity. Active habitat enhancements such as log piles, bird and bat boxes or bee hives. In addition, solar farms can be sown with wildflower seeds improving habitat for mammals.

    A sustainable business with local benefits

    Solar parks can help to create and sustain local jobs and services and provide ressources for schools. Moreover they produce clean, secure and local energy and become a long-gterm local business that can contribute to your community across its life.

    An active role in the fight against climate change

    The transition to renewable energy-including solar power-is the vital step we must all take to win the fight against climate change. You can take a decisive role to help the environment and improve the UK's energy security by choosing to go solar.

  • Solar farms - what makes a suitable site

    Suitable land

    • A site between 25 - 200 acres
    • Land should be relatively flat
    • Well screened by hedges and a good distance from residential property
    • Not in a valued landscape or near historic buildings.

    Limited distance to the grid

    The land needs to be within 1 mile of overhead electricity cables or an electricity substation with access from a main road suitable for HGVs.

    The agricultural grading should be medium to poor (grades 3 and greater)

    BMV classification: for solar only everything above 3 is suitable. Check the following link to find out the classification of your land


  • Lease your land - how it works in 6 steps


    Tell us about your land

    Complete our simple online form. There’s no cost or obligation to you.


    5 Minutes


    Select a suitable development investor

    leaseyourland.co.uk identifies up to two suitable investors interested to develop and rent your land. Once identified, we will introduce you.

    2 Working days


    Confirm a grid connection

    You grant the development investor permission to contact the Electricity Operator to secure a grid connection on your land.


    1 Month


    Agreement in principle

    Having had time to review and discuss the principle terms to lease your land, now its time to sign. You may choose to take advice from a land agent at this point and this is a cost that most investors will meet.

    Up to 3 months


    Project development, planning and construction

    With the principle terms signed, the development investor secures the grid capacity, conducts planning surveys, creates site design, engages community and prepares the planning application.

    Alongside this work the investor will work with you to prepare the full draft lease agreement. You will need to appoint a solicitor to support you on this - once again the investor will cover your legal fees.


    Once planning permission is granted and after the signing of the final lease agreement, the construction phase can start.


    6 Months development phase + 4 month construction phase


    Receiving your long-term, dependable rental income

    Once you've signed the lease, your rent payments will begin up to £1000/acre - index linked - for up to 40 years.

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    Calculate your rental income now

    We’ll email your results immediately.

  • Testimonials :

    Picture of Thomas G

    Annabel A., Dorset

    “We have a large farm but much of the ground is poor. We need to use a lot of fertilizer to get a decent crop and it is often a challenge to break even. What we do have a lot of is sunshine and for us a solar farm makes perfect sense. Leasing our land for solar means that we can count on a guaranteed income, without having to work the land so hard.”


    Thomas G., West Wales

    “I wanted to modernise the farm to create a successful, sustainable business fit for 21st century. Alongside our organic beef herd, the solar farm is a really important business stream providing a regular long term income. Today we farm less intensively, leaving more space on the farm for wildlife - we think this is a sustainable way to farm - economically and environmentally.”


    Robert S., Staffordshire

    “With the changes to farming policy and the volatile markets in recent years, diversifying our farm is more important today than ever before. By choosing to lease part of our land for solar provides us with a dependable and secure income. It’s a valuable part of our business that helps to make sure we can continue farming for many years to come.”

  • Request free rental offers and chose the best one 

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